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Seeds Regulations

Version of section 67 from 2014-05-16 to 2024-04-01:

  •  (1) An application for the registration of a variety shall be signed by the applicant and shall

    • (a) contain the following information, namely,

      • (i) the proposed variety name,

      • (ii) the scientific and common names of the kind or species to which the variety belongs,

      • (iii) a description of the pedigree, origin, history and methods of development of the variety,

      • (iv) a detailed description of the variety including, where applicable, morphological, agronomic, pathological, physiological and biochemical characteristics,

      • (v) a recommendation that is not more than two years old from a recommending committee stating whether the variety should be registered,

      • (vi) the results of the testing on which the recommendation is based,

      • (vii) a statement as to whether the variety is sold in other countries and, if so, the name or names under which it is sold,

      • (viii) particulars of the arrangements for the maintenance of seed stocks, and

      • (ix) the name and address of the Canadian representative of the variety; and

    • (b) be accompanied by

      • (i) where the applicant is a person other than the breeder or owner of the variety, a signed statement from the breeder or owner of the variety indicating that the applicant has been authorized by the breeder or owner of the variety to apply for the registration of the variety in Canada,

      • (ii) for every variety except varieties of potatoes, a representative reference sample of seed of that variety, and

      • (iii) for potatoes, a set of photographic slides or digital images that detail plant morphology.

  • (1.1) Subparagraphs (1)(a)(v) and (vi) do not apply in respect of a species, kind or type of crop that is listed in Part III of Schedule III.

  • (2) The Registrar may, in addition to the information referred to in subsection (1), require that the applicant provide such further information as may be necessary to determine the merit and identity of the variety.

  • (3) The applicant or the registrant, as the case may be, shall provide the Registrar with any information pertaining to the genetic purity or the utility of a variety which differs in any way from the information supplied in support of the application for registration, forthwith upon receiving the information.

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