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Hull Construction Regulations

Version of section 234 from 2006-03-22 to 2017-02-02:

  •  (1) Where a ventilation duct greater than 0.075 m2 in cross-section passes through an ‘A’ Class division, the duct shall be fitted with a fire damper that is

    • (a) of the fail-safe automatic closing type;

    • (b) capable of being closed manually from both sides of the division; and

    • (c) fitted with an indicator that shows whether the damper is open or closed.

  • (2) Where a ventilation duct passes through a space that is enclosed by ‘A’ Class divisions but does not serve that space and the duct does not have a fire rating at least equal to that of the division that it pierces, the duct shall be fitted at each point at which the duct pierces a division with a fire damper described in subsection (1).

  • SOR/83-521, s. 4

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