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Hull Construction Regulations

Version of section 247 from 2006-03-22 to 2017-02-02:

  •  (1) Every ship shall have on board

    • (a) a fire control plan that is permanently exhibited, for the guidance of the ship’s officers, near the place from which the ship is normally navigated and that

      • (i) shows clearly for each deck the location of all

        • (A) ‘A’ Class divisons and ‘B’ Class divisions,

        • (B) control stations,

        • (C) fire doors, watertight doors and every other means of entry or exit from each enclosed space, and

        • (D) fire extinguishing appliances, and

      • (ii) gives for each deck the particulars of all

        • (A) alarm, detection and fixed fire extinguishing systems, and

        • (B) ventilation systems including the position of fans and their controls, the position of ventilation dampers and the identification numbers of the ventilating fans serving each section; or

    • (b) a fire control booklet that contains the details specified in subparagraphs (a)(i) and (ii), a copy of which shall be

      • (i) readily available at all times in the navigating bridge or other suitable control station, and

      • (ii) supplied to each of the ship’s officers.

  • (2) The fire control plan or fire control booklet of a ship referred to in subsection (1) shall be kept up-to-date with any alterations to the ship that may be made.

  • (3) The Board shall be provided with a copy of the fire control plan or fire control booklet that is prepared for each ship and, where alterations to a ship are made and the fire control plan or fire control booklet for that ship is revised, the Board shall forthwith be provided with a revised copy of that fire control plan or fire control booklet.

  • SOR/83-521, s. 4
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