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Hull Construction Regulations

Version of section 50 from 2006-03-22 to 2017-02-02:

  •  (1) The inlets of every air supply system and the outlets of every air exhaust system in every ship shall have readily accessible means by which they can be closed in the event of fire, and, wherever practicable, the system of ducts leading from each ventilating fan shall be within one main vertical zone.

  • (2) Every ship shall be equipped with two master controls, situated as far apart as is practicable, either of which shall be capable of stopping all the fans in the power ventilation systems of the ship, other than the ventilation systems in the machinery space; every power ventilation system serving the machinery space shall have two master controls, one of which shall be capable of being operated from outside such space; any exhaust ducts from galley ranges shall be constructed of “A” Class divisions that shall be insulated where the ducts pass through the accommodation spaces or service spaces.

  • (3) In the case of a ship the keel of which is laid after March 22, 1967, the exhaust duct from the galley range shall be fitted with

    • (a) a grease trap that is connected to the bottom of the duct and is readily removable for cleaning;

    • (b) a fire damper located in the bottom of the duct;

    • (c) a control switch, operable from within the galley, for shutting off the exhaust fan; and

    • (d) a fixed smothering system for extinguishing a fire within the duct.

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