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Hull Construction Regulations

Version of section 51 from 2006-03-22 to 2017-02-02:

  •  (1) Every air space enclosed behind a ceiling, panel or lining in the accommodation spaces or service spaces shall be divided by close fitting draught-stops, spaced not more than 14 m apart in the fore and aft direction, and shall be closed at each deck.

  • (2) Every ceiling, panel and lining referred to in subsection (1) shall be so constructed as to enable a fire patrol to detect any smoke originating in a concealed or inaccessible space, without impairing the efficiency of the fire protection of the ship; small holes in ceilings, panels and linings, protected by metal gauze, may be accepted for this purpose.

  • (3) The concealed surfaces of every bulkhead, lining, panelling, stairway, wood grounds and other structure in accommodation spaces and service spaces shall be such that they will be surfaces of low flame spread.

  • (4) Paints, varnishes or similar preparations shall not be applied if they contain a nitro-cellulose base, and fabrics containing nitro-cellulose shall not be fitted.

  • (5) Overboard scuppers, sanitary discharges or other outlets shall not be made of lead if they are close to the water line or in such a position that the fusing of the lead in the event of fire would give rise to a danger of flooding.

  • (6) The use of wood for the internal construction and equipment of galleys, bakeries and main pantries shall be restricted so far as is practicable.

  • (7) Every window and side scuttle in the accommodation spaces and service spaces shall be constructed with metal frames; the glass therein shall be retained by a metal ring or bead; if the window or side scuttle is in a position in which the fusion of the frame, ring or bead may give rise to a danger of flooding, the frame, ring or bead, as the case may be, shall consist of metal that is not likely to fuse in the event of fire; every window and side scuttle in such a ship opening on to a corridor or stairway shall be as effective in resisting fire as the bulkhead in which it is fitted.

  • (8) Skylights of engine and boiler spaces shall be capable of being closed from outside such spaces.

  • (9) Cellulose-based film shall not be used in cinematograph installations on board ship.

  • SOR/95-254, s. 32

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