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Fishing Vessel Safety Regulations

Version of section 32 from 2006-03-22 to 2017-07-12:

 Every fishing vessel exceeding 12.2 m in length shall carry the following equipment for each lifeboat, boat, dory or skiff provided in compliance with these Regulations, and such equipment shall be kept readily available to place in the lifeboat, boat, dory or skiff in case of emergency:

  • (a) one full bank of oars and a complete set of rowlocks or thole pins;

  • (b) where the vessel operates in salt water, one suitable container holding at least 1 L of fresh water for each person the boat is deemed capable of carrying;

  • (c) one watertight can containing 12 approved self-igniting red flares;

  • (d) one bucket and one bailer;

  • (e) two sheath knives or hatchets, except that in a dory only one sheath knife or hatchet is required;

  • (f) one boat hook or fishing gaff;

  • (g) one storm lantern with sufficient oil to burn for at least seven hours, and a watertight can of matches;

  • (h) one painter attached to bows of boat;

  • (i) one dory compass; and

  • (j) one sea anchor, except in the case of a dory.

  • SOR/78-919, s. 4

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