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Weights and Measures Regulations

Version of section 182 from 2017-02-13 to 2024-05-14:

  •  (1) Subject to subsections (2) and (3) and sections 188 and 192, the minimum limit of error when a machine is tested for acceptance limits of error or in-service limits of error is a weight equivalent to the lesser of 0.05 per cent at the capacity of the machine and one minimum increment of registration.

  • (2) The minimum limit of error for a railway track scale used exclusively in weighing railway cars is the greater of 15 kg or 30 pounds, and the value of the minimum increment of registration.

  • (3) In a strain test at a heavy duty scale, there shall be no minimum limit of error in respect of the known test load that is added to the strain load and the limit of error for a machine with digital registration shall not be increased as described in section 184.

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