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Fertilizers Regulations

Version of section 2 from 2009-01-29 to 2020-10-25:

  •  (1) In these Regulations,


    Act means the Fertilizers Act; (Loi)


    Agency means the Canadian Food Inspection Agency established by section 3 of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Act; (Agence)

    Agricultural Inspection Directorate

    Agricultural Inspection Directorate[Repealed, SOR/93-232, s. 2]


    available or soluble means soluble by the methods of analysis referred to in section 23; (assimilable or soluble)


    biotechnology means the application of science and engineering to the direct or indirect use of living organisms or parts or products of living organisms in their natural or modified forms; (biotechnologie)


    brand means any distinctive mark or trade name, other than a name or grade required by these Regulations, applied by the manufacturer, registrant or vendor to a fertilizer or supplement to distinguish it from any other fertilizer or supplement; (marque)


    cattle means animals of the species Bos taurus or Bos indicus; (bœuf)

    Compendium of Fertilizer-Use Pesticides

    Compendium of Fertilizer-Use Pesticides means the Compendium of Fertilizer-Use Pesticides, 2nd edition, published by the Department of Agriculture (August 1994); (Recueil des pesticides à usage dans les engrais)

    customer-formula fertilizer

    customer-formula fertilizer means a fertilizer prepared in accordance with a written formula that sets forth the name, amount and analysis of each ingredient, the fertilizer grade of the total mixture and the signature of the person for whose use for fertilizing purposes it has been prepared; (engrais préparé d’après la formule du client)


    Director means the Director designated by the President of the Agency; (directeur)


    environment means the components of the Earth and includes

    • (a) air, land and water,

    • (b) all layers of the atmosphere,

    • (c) all organic and inorganic matter and living organisms, and

    • (d) the interacting natural systems that include components referred to in paragraphs (a) to (c); (environnement)

    farm fertilizer

    farm fertilizer includes any fertilizer other than a specialty fertilizer; (engrais agricole)


    fertilizer includes a fertilizer derived through biotechnology; (engrais)


    fertilizer-pesticide means any fertilizer that contains a pesticide; (engrais-antiparasitaire)


    fineness[Repealed, SOR/85-558, s. 1]


    grade means the percentage content of total nitrogen, available phosphoric acid and soluble potash stated in that sequence; (catégorie)

    guaranteed analysis

    guaranteed analysis means a guaranteed analysis referred to in section 15; (analyse garantie)

    lesser plant nutrient

    lesser plant nutrient means any plant nutrient other than nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium; (principe nutritif secondaire)

    major plant nutrient

    major plant nutrient means nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), or potassium (K); (principe nutritif principal)

    mixed fertilizer

    mixed fertilizer includes all fertilizers other than fertilizers consisting of a single material or one chemical compound; (engrais mélangé)


    nitrogen means elemental nitrogen (N); (azote)

    novel supplement

    novel supplement means

    • (a) a supplement that is not registered and not exempt from registration, or

    • (b) a supplement that is derived through biotechnology and has a novel trait; (supplément nouveau)

    novel trait

    novel trait, in respect of a supplement derived through biotechnology, means a characteristic of the supplement that

    • (a) has been intentionally selected, created or introduced into a distinct, stable population [of supplements] of the same species through a specific genetic change, and

    • (b) based on valid scientific rationale, is not substantially equivalent, in terms of its specific use and safety both for the environment and for human health, to any characteristic of a similar supplement that is in use as a supplement in Canada and is considered safe for use as a supplement in Canada; (caractère nouveau)

    organic matter

    organic matter means that substance remaining after removal of the moisture and total ash fractions from partially humified matter of animal or vegetable origin; (matière organique)

    per cent

    per cent means per cent by weight; (pour cent)


    pesticide means a pest control product as defined in the Pest Control Products Act; (antiparasitaire)

    phosphoric acid

    phosphoric acid[Repealed, SOR/93-232, s. 2]

    phosphoric acid

    phosphoric acid or phosphate means phosphorus pentoxide (P205); (acide phosphorique or phosphate)

    Plant Products Division

    Plant Products Division[Repealed, SOR/85-558, s. 1]


    potash means potassium oxide (K2O); (potasse)


    registrant means a person who has been issued a certificate of registration under these Regulations; (inscrit)


    release means any discharge or emission of a supplement into the environment or exposure of a supplement to the environment; (dissémination)


    ruminant means an animal of the suborder Ruminatiae and includes an animal of the family Camelidae; (ruminant)


    sample means a sample of fertilizer or supplement taken by an inspector; (échantillon)

    shipping bill

    shipping bill means a bill accompanying a shipment of fertilizer or supplement; (connaissement)

    specialty fertilizer

    specialty fertilizer means a fertilizer

    • (a) recommended for use only on household plants, urban gardens, lawns or golf courses or in nurseries or greenhouses, or

    • (b) that contains no major plant nutrients and contains lesser plant nutrients other than calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and sulphur (S); (engrais spécial)

    specified risk material

    specified risk material means the skull, brain, trigeminal ganglia, eyes, tonsils, spinal cord and dorsal root ganglia of cattle aged 30 months or older, and the distal ileum of cattle of all ages, but does not include material from a country of origin as defined in section 2 of the Health of Animals Regulations, or a part of a country of origin, that is designated under section 7 of those Regulations as posing a negligible risk for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy; (matériel à risque spécifié)


    supplement includes a supplement derived through biotechnology; (supplément)

    water-insoluble nitrogen

    water-insoluble nitrogen means nitrogen insoluble in water when analysed by the method of analysis referred to in section 23. (azote insoluble dans l’eau)

  • (2) For the purposes of sections 23.1 to 23.4, a novel supplement is toxic if it is entering or may enter the environment in a quantity or concentration or under conditions

    • (a) having or that may have an immediate or long-term harmful effect on the environment;

    • (b) constituting or that may constitute a danger to the environment on which human life depends; or

    • (c) constituting or that may constitute a danger in Canada to human life or health.

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