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Cosmetic Regulations

Version of section 29 from 2007-06-14 to 2024-06-19:

  •  (1) The Minister may request in writing that a manufacturer submit to the Minister, on or before a specified day, evidence to establish the safety of a cosmetic under the recommended or the normal conditions of use.

  • (2) A manufacturer who does not submit the evidence requested under subsection (1) shall cease to sell the cosmetic after the day specified in the request.

  • (3) If the Minister determines that the evidence submitted by a manufacturer under subsection (1) is not sufficient, the Minister must notify the manufacturer in writing to that effect, and the manufacturer must cease to sell the cosmetic until the manufacturer

    • (a) has submitted further evidence to the Minister; and

    • (b) has been notified in writing by the Minister that the further evidence is sufficient.

  • SOR/2004-244, s. 20
  • SOR/2007-150, s. 2

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