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Food and Drug Regulations

Version of section C.01.041 from 2013-12-19 to 2024-05-14:

  •  (1) No person shall sell a prescription drug unless

    • (a) they are entitled under the laws of a province to dispense a prescription drug and they sell it in that province under a verbal or written prescription that they received; or

    • (b) they sell it under section C.01.043.

  • (2) In the case of a verbal prescription, the person referred to in paragraph (1)(a) or a pharmacy technician shall create a written record of the prescription that includes the following information:

    • (a) the date on which the prescription was received and, if applicable, the number of the prescription;

    • (b) the name and address of the person to whom the prescription was issued;

    • (c) the proper name, common name or brand name of the drug and its quantity;

    • (d) the person’s name and the name of the practitioner who issued the prescription; and

    • (e) the directions for use provided with the prescription, whether or not the practitioner authorized it to be refilled and, if refills are authorized, the number of authorized refills.

  • (3) The person referred to in paragraph (1)(a) shall retain the written prescription referred to in subsection (1) or the record referred to in subsection (2) for at least two years after the day on which the prescription is filled.

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