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Food and Drug Regulations

Version of section C.01.131 from 2018-04-04 to 2024-02-06:

 No person shall sell Aminopyrine or Dipyrone (a derivative of Aminopyrine) for oral or parenteral use, unless

  • (a) the inner label carries the statement:

    “WARNING: Fatal agranulocytosis may be associated with the use of Aminopyrine and Dipyrone. It is essential that adequate blood studies be made. (See enclosed warnings and precautions)”; and

  • (b) the outer label or the package insert carries the following statements:

    “WARNING: Serious and even fatal agranulocytosis is known to occur after the administration of Aminopyrine or Dipyrone. Fatal agranulocytosis has occurred after short term, intermittent and prolonged therapy with the drugs. Therefore, the use of these drugs should be as brief as possible. Bearing in mind the possibility that such reactions may occur, Aminopyrine or Dipyrone should be used only when other less potentially dangerous agents are ineffective.

    PRECAUTIONS: It is essential that frequent white blood cell counts and differential counts be made during treatment with these drugs. However, it is emphasized that agranulocytosis may occur suddenly without prior warning. The drug should be discontinued at the first evidence of any alteration of the blood count or sign of agranulocytosis, and the patient should be instructed to discontinue use of the drug at the first indication of sore throat or sign of other infection in the mouth or throat (pain, swelling, tenderness, ulceration).”

  • SOR/2018-69, s. 34(F)

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