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Off Grades of Grain and Grades of Screenings Order

Version of section 18 from 2006-03-22 to 2013-07-31:

  •  (1) A mixture of western wild oats and other materials that does not qualify for the established grade Mixed Feed Oats because of being so mixed shall, if it has the qualities set out in subsection (2), be graded “No. 2 Mixed Feed Oats”.

  • (2) No. 2 Mixed Feed Oats shall

    • (a) contain not less than 50 per cent wild oats;

    • (b) contain not more than one per cent of material that passes through a 4½/64 inch round-hole sieve; and

    • (c) contain in whole, broken, hulled or hulless form not more than

      • (i) five per cent heated kernels,

      • (ii) five per cent wild buckwheat,

      • (iii) 10 per cent in the aggregate of wheat heads, knuckles, straw and chaff,

      • (iv) five per cent flaxseed,

      • (v) 0.2 per cent stones, or

      • (vi) 1/3 of one per cent ergot.

  • SOR/93-363, s. 2(F)
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