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Specifications Relating to Non-automatic Weighing Devices (1998) (SI/98-81)

Regulations are current to 2024-04-01 and last amended on 2019-06-17. Previous Versions

Installation and Use (continued)

Approaches for Vehicle Scales

  •  (1) Approach and exit ramps to and from a permanently installed vehicle scale shall

    • (a) be straight for a distance of at least 3 m adjacent to the weighbridge;

    • (b) be as wide as, and in the same plane as, the weighbridge;

    • (c) be constructed, for a distance of at least 3 m adjacent to the weighbridge, of concrete or similar durable material to ensure that they remain smooth, level and in the same plane as the weighbridge; and

    • (d) beyond the 3 m distance set out in paragraphs (a) and (c), be constructed so as to permit

      • (i) easy access by the vehicle being weighed,

      • (ii) ready access for testing purposes, and

      • (iii) any water to drain away from the scale.

  • (2) Where approach and exit ramps to and from a permanently installed vehicle scale include grating, the grating shall be of sufficient strength to withstand all loads that are intended to be supported by the scale.

 Approach and exit ramps to and from a temporarily installed vehicle scale shall be constructed, for a distance of not less than 3 m adjacent to the weighbridge of the scale, in a manner that ensures that the ramps remain level and in the same plane as the weighbridge.

Unattended Vehicle Scales

 An unattended vehicle scale shall be used only if it is part of an installation that has

  • (a) an automatic means to indicate to a vehicle operator that the indicating element of the scale has returned to zero and that the operator may drive onto the weighbridge;

  • (b) a printer that, on demand, prints a ticket bearing the information required by section 66; and

  • (c) an automatic means of preventing weight indications and printing of a ticket unless

    • (i) the scale has returned to zero prior to weighing a vehicle, and

    • (ii) the load being weighed is fully supported on the weighbridge.

  • SI/2008-81, s. 17

Printed Information

 Where a ticket printed by a weighing device shows a total price for a transaction, it shall also show the weight and unit price for the transaction.

 The cash register tape of a system comprised of one or more weighing and load-receiving elements that interface with one or more electronic cash registers shall show

  • (a) the net weight of the commodity weighed;

  • (b) the price per unit of weight;

  • (c) the total price; and

  • (d) the name or identification code of the product.

 The following information shall be provided for each transaction by an on-board weighing system for the weighing of waste or materials for recycling, whether at curbside or at the customer’s premises:

  • (a) an identification of the customer;

  • (b) the date of the transaction;

  • (c) the net weight of the waste or materials to be recycled;

  • (d) the price per unit of weight if the total price is indicated;

  • (e) the identification number of the vehicle on which the on-board weighing system is installed; and

  • (f) the identification number of the on-board weighing system used if more than one system is installed on the same vehicle.

  • SI/2008-81, s. 18



Coming into Force

 These Specifications come into force on June 15, 1998.


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