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Specifications Relating to Non-automatic Weighing Devices (1998)

Version of section 55 from 2006-03-22 to 2008-08-05:

  •  (1) A weighing device and any equipment and accessories attached to or used in conjunction with the device shall be installed and used in a manner that

    • (a) facilitates accurate measurement;

    • (b) does not facilitate the perpetration of fraud;

    • (c) is in accordance with the manufacturer or importer’s instructions; and

    • (d) respects the parameters, restrictions and limitations set out in the notice of approval issued in respect of the device under section 3 of the Weights and Measures Act.

  • (2) The equipment and accessories described in subsection (1) shall be installed and used in such a manner that they do not detrimentally affect the performance of the device.

  • SI/2005-85, s. 7

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