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Version of document from 2006-03-22 to 2006-12-30:

Designated Provisions Regulations



Registration 2000-03-23

Designated Provisions Regulations

P.C. 2000-365 2000-03-23

Her Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of Transport, pursuant to subsection 7.6(1)Footnote a of the Aeronautics Act, hereby makes the annexed Designated Provisions Regulations.


 The definitions in this section apply in these Regulations.


Act means the Aeronautics Act. (Loi)


Minister means the Minister of Transport. (ministre)

Designated Provisions

  •  (1) A provision set out in column 1 of an item of a schedule is designated as a provision the contravention of which may be dealt with under and in accordance with the procedure set out in sections 7.7 to 8.2 of the Act.

  • (2) The amount set out in column 2 or column 3 of an item of a schedule is prescribed as the maximum amount payable by an individual or corporation, as the case may be, in respect of a contravention of the provision set out in column 1 of the item.

  •  (1) The provisions of an order made by the Minister under subsection 3(1) of the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations and the provisions of an order that continues to be in force under that subsection are designated as provisions the contravention of which may be dealt with in accordance with the procedure set out in sections 7.7 to 8.2 of the Act.

  • (2) The maximum amount payable in respect of a contravention of a designated provision referred to in subsection (1) is

    • (a) $5,000, in the case of an individual; and

    • (b) $25,000, in the case of a corporation.

Notice of Contraventions

 A notice issued by the Minister under subsection 7.7(1) of the Act must specify

  • (a) the designated provision that the Minister believes has been contravened;

  • (b) the particulars of the alleged contravention;

  • (c) that payment of the amount specified in the notice will be accepted by the Minister as and in complete satisfaction of the amount of the penalty for the alleged contravention and that no further proceedings under Part I of the Act will be taken against the person in respect of that contravention;

  • (d) that, if the person fails to pay the amount specified in the notice, a copy of the notice will be forwarded to the Tribunal and the Tribunal will determine whether the alleged contravention took place; and

  • (e) that the person will be provided with a full opportunity consistent with procedural fairness and natural justice to present evidence before the Tribunal and make representations in relation to the alleged contravention.



Coming into Force

 These Regulations come into force on the day on which they are registered.

SCHEDULE 1(Section 2)

Designated Provisions of the Canadian Computer Reservation Systems (CRS) Regulations

ItemColumn 1Column 2Column 3
Designated Provision

Maximum Amount Payable

Individual ($)

Maximum Amount Payable

Corporation ($)

1 to 3[Repealed, SOR/2004-92, s. 1]
4Subsection 9(1)5,00025,000
5Subsection 9(2)5,00025,000
6Subsection 10(1)5,00025,000
7Subsection 10(2)5,00025,000
8Subsection 10(3)2,00010,000
9Subsection 10(4)5,00025,000
10Subsection 10(5)5,00025,000
11Subsection 10(6)2,00010,000
12Subsection 10(7)2,00010,000
13Subsection 10(8)5,00025,000
14Subsection 10(9)5,00025,000
15Subsection 10(10)2,00025,000
16Subsection 11(1)5,00025,000
17Subsection 11(2)5,00025,000
18[Repealed, SOR/2004-92, s. 1]
19Section 125,00025,000
20Subsection 13(1)2,00010,000
21Subsection 13(2)2,00010,000
22Subsection 14(1)5,00025,000
23Subsection 14(2)5,00025,000
24Subsection 14(3)2,00010,000
25Subsection 15(1)5,00025,000
26 to 28[Repealed, SOR/2004-92, s. 1]
29Subsection 15(5)2,00010,000
30 to 33[Repealed, SOR/2004-92, s. 1]
34Subsection 17(1)5,00025,000
35Subsection 17(2)5,00025,000
36Subsection 18(1)5,00025,000
37Subsection 18(2)5,00025,000
38Subsection 18(3)2,00010,000
39 to 41[Repealed, SOR/2004-92, s. 1]
42Subsection 21(1)2,00010,000
43Subsection 21(2)2,00010,000
44Subsection 22(1)5,00025,000
45Subsection 22(2)5,00025,000
46Subsection 22(3)2,00010,000
47[Repealed, SOR/2004-92, s. 1]
48Section 242,00010,000
49Section 255,00025,000
50Section 265,00025,000
51 to 54[Repealed, SOR/2004-92, s. 1]
55Section 292001,000
56Section 302001,000
57Section 312001,000
58Section 325,00025,000
59Section 335,00025,000
60Section 345,00025,000
61Section 355,00025,000
  • SOR/2004-92, s. 1

SCHEDULE 2(Section 2)

Designated Provisions of the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations

ItemColumn 1Column 2Column 3
Designated Provision

Maximum Amount Payable

Individual ($)

Maximum Amount Payable

Corporation ($)

1Section 45,00025,000
2Section 65,00025,000
3Subsection 7(1)5,000-
4Subsection 7(2)5,00025,000
5Section 85,00025,000
6Paragraph 9(a)3,00010,000
7Paragraph 9(b)3,00010,000
8Section 105,000-
9Subsection 11(1)5,000-
10Subsection 11(2)5,000-
11Section 145,00025,000
12Subsection 35(1)3,00010,000
13Subsection 35(2)3,00010,000
14Section 375,00025,000
15Section 383,000-
16Section 393,000-
17Paragraph 40(a)5,00025,000
18Paragraph 40(b)5,00025,000
19Section 411,000-
20Paragraph 42(1)(a)3,00010,000
21Paragraph 42(1)(b)3,00010,000
22Paragraph 42(1)(c)3,00010,000
23Paragraph 42(1)(d)3,00010,000
24Paragraph 42(1)(e)3,00010,000
25Paragraph 42(1)(f)3,00010,000
26Subparagraph 42(2)(a)(i)3,00010,000
27Subparagraph 42(2)(a)(ii)3,00010,000
28Paragraph 42(2)(b)3,00010,000
29Paragraph 42(2)(c)3,00010,000
30Subsection 43(1)3,000-
31Subsection 43(2)-10,000
32Paragraph 44(1)(a)3,000-
33Paragraph 44(1)(b)3,000-
34Paragraph 44(1)(c)3,000-
35Subsection 44(2)3,00010,000
36Section 453,000-
36.1Section 45.13,000-
36.2Section 45.25,000-
37Paragraph 46(1)(a)3,00010,000
38Paragraph 46(1)(b)3,00010,000
39Paragraph 46(2)(a)3,00010,000
40Paragraph 46(2)(b)3,00010,000
41Subsection 47(1)3,000-
42Subsection 47(2)3,000-
43Paragraph 47(3)(a)3,00010,000
44Paragraph 47(3)(b)3,00010,000
45Subsection 48(1)5,00025,000
46Subsection 48(2)5,00025,000
47Subsection 49(1)5,00025,000
48Subsection 49(2)5,00025,000
49Section 505,00025,000
50Paragraph 51(a)5,00025,000
51Paragraph 51(b)5,00025,000
52Section 525,00025,000
53Section 533,00010,000
54Subsection 55(1)5,00025,000
55Subsection 55(2)5,00025,000
56Paragraph 56(1)(a)5,00025,000
57Paragraph 56(1)(b)5,00025,000
58Paragraph 56(1)(c)5,00025,000
59Paragraph 56(2)(a)5,00025,000
60Paragraph 56(2)(b)5,00025,000
61Paragraph 56(2)(c)5,00025,000
62Subsection 56(3)5,000-
63Subsection 57(1)5,00025,000
64Subsection 57(2)5,00025,000
65Subsection 58(1)5,00025,000
66Subsection 58(2)5,00025,000
67Section 595,00025,000
68Section 605,00025,000
69Paragraph 61(a)5,00025,000
70Paragraph 61(b)5,00025,000
71Paragraph 62(a)5,00025,000
72Paragraph 62(b)5,00025,000
73Section 635,00025,000
74Paragraph 64(1)(a)3,00010,000
75Paragraph 64(1)(b)3,00010,000
76Paragraph 64(1)(c)3,00010,000
77Paragraph 64(1)(d)3,00010,000
78Paragraph 64(1)(e)3,00010,000
79Paragraph 64(1)(f)3,00010,000
80Subsection 64(2)3,00010,000
81Paragraph 65(a)3,00010,000
82Paragraph 65(b)3,00010,000
83Paragraph 65(c)3,00010,000
84Paragraph 65(d)3,00010,000
85Paragraph 65(e)3,00010,000
85.1Paragraph 65.1(1)(a)3,00010,000
85.2Paragraph 65.1(1)(b)3,00010,000
85.3Paragraph 65.1(1)(c)3,00010,000
85.4Paragraph 65.1(2)(a)3,00010,000
85.5Paragraph 65.1(2)(b)3,00010,000
85.6Paragraph 65.1(2)(c)3,00010,000
85.7Subsection 65.1(3)3,00010,000
86Paragraph 66(a)5,00025,000
87Paragraph 66(b)5,00025,000
88Paragraph 67(a)5,00025,000
89Paragraph 67(b)5,00025,000
89.1Paragraph 67.1(a)5,00025,000
89.2Paragraph 67.1(b)5,00025,000
90Subsection 68(1)3,00010,000
91Paragraph 68(2)(a)5,00025,000
92Paragraph 68(2)(b)3,00010,000
93Subsection 68(3)3,00010,000
94Section 693,00010,000
  • SOR/2002-189, ss. 1, 2
  • SOR/2004-17, s. 1
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