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Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices Regulations

Version of section 37 from 2006-03-22 to 2008-04-16:

 Every licensee who possesses an exposure device shall keep a record of the following information in respect of the device:

  • (a) the name of the manufacturer, the model number and the serial number of the exposure device;

  • (b) the quantity in becquerels of any nuclear substance contained in the exposure device;

  • (c) the dates on which and the locations where the exposure device is operated;

  • (d) the date of acquisition and, where applicable, the date of disposal of the exposure device and any sealed source assembly;

  • (e) the names of all persons whom the licensee has authorized to possess or use the exposure device or any sealed source assembly;

  • (f) all written authorizations provided by the licensee in accordance with subsection 30(5);

  • (g) all requests made by the licensee in accordance with paragraph 32(1)(b) and all appointments accepted in response to those requests;

  • (h) every inspection, measurement, test, servicing or calibration performed in accordance with these Regulations; and

  • (i) the measurements submitted to the licensee in accordance with these Regulations by a person who has operated the exposure device.

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