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Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices Regulations

Version of section 38 from 2006-03-22 to 2008-04-16:

  •  (1) Every licensee who possesses an exposure device and who becomes aware of any of the following situations shall immediately make a preliminary report to the Commission of the location and circumstances of the situation and of any action that the licensee has taken or proposes to take with respect to it:

    • (a) the exposure device or the sealed source assembly is lost, stolen or damaged to an extent that could impair its normal use;

    • (b) the exposure device has a radiation dose rate of more than 2 mSv per hour on any part of its surface when the sealed source is in the shielded position;

    • (c) the sealed source assembly is separated from the exposure device when the latter is not being serviced; or

    • (d) a failure to return the sealed source assembly to the shielded position inside the exposure device.

  • (2) Every licensee who becomes aware of a situation referred to in subsection (1) shall file a full report of the situation with the Commission within 21 days after becoming aware of it, unless some other period is specified in the licence, and the report shall contain the following information:

    • (a) a description of the equipment problem;

    • (b) the probable cause of the situation;

    • (c) the name of the manufacturer, the device number and the serial number of the equipment involved;

    • (d) the date and time when and the location where the situation occurred and the date and time of becoming aware of it;

    • (e) the actions that the licensee has taken to re-establish normal operations;

    • (f) the actions that the licensee has taken or proposes to take to prevent a recurrence; and

    • (g) the qualifications of the workers, including any trainee, who were involved.

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