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Nuclear Security Regulations

Version of section 30 from 2006-03-22 to 2006-11-13:

 Every licensee shall have available at a nuclear facility referred to in paragraph 2(b), at all times, a sufficient number of nuclear security guards to enable the licensee to comply with these Regulations and to do the following:

  • (a) control the movement of persons, material and vehicles;

  • (b) conduct searches of persons, material and vehicles for weapons, explosives and Category I, II or III nuclear material;

  • (c) conduct preventive foot and vehicle patrols of the nuclear facility and the perimeter of the protected area to inspect for security breaches and vulnerabilities;

  • (d) respond to and assess alarm incidents;

  • (e) apprehend and detain unarmed intruders;

  • (f) observe and report on the movements of armed intruders; and

  • (g) operate security equipment and systems.

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