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Nuclear Security Regulations

Version of section 35 from 2006-11-14 to 2010-05-12:

  •  (1) Every licensee shall make or cause to be made written arrangements with an off-site response force to provide for the protection of a facility at which it carries on licensed activities.

  • (2) The arrangements shall include provisions

    • (a) to ensure that there is capability at all times for immediate communication among the security monitoring room, the on-site nuclear response force and the off-site response force;

    • (b) to ensure that the off-site response force can support the on-site nuclear response force in making an effective intervention when requested to do so by the licensee;

    • (c) for the installation of a two-way radio referred to in subparagraph 15(2)(c)(i) and an alarm device referred to in subparagraph 15(2)(c)(ii);

    • (d) for annual familiarization visits to the facility by members of the off-site response force; and

    • (e) for consultation between the licensee and the off-site response force regarding the arrangements, the resources and the equipment available to the licensee and the off-site response force, and any other matter relating to the security of the facility.

  • SOR/2006-191, s. 31

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