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Port Authorities Operations Regulations

Version of section 31 from 2013-03-08 to 2024-05-28:

  •  (1) A port authority may instruct a person to take any of the actions prescribed under subsection (2) if

    • (a) the person conducts an activity that is prohibited under section 6;

    • (b) the person conducts an activity for which an authorization is required under section 27 without first obtaining the authorization or without being covered by one;

    • (c) the person or any person covered by an authorization fails to comply with a condition of the authorization;

    • (d) the authorization to conduct the activity is cancelled under section 29; or

    • (e) in the case of an activity for which no authorization is required under these Regulations, the conduct of the activity has a result prohibited under section 5.

  • (2) The actions are

    • (a) to cease the activity or comply with the conditions for conducting the activity; and

    • (b) if the person is instructed to cease the activity,

      • (i) to remove anything brought into the port in connection with the activity,

      • (ii) to return to the port anything that was removed from it in connection with the activity, and

      • (iii) to restore the property affected by the activity to its former state.

  • (3) The person shall immediately comply with the instructions of the port authority.

  • (4) If the person fails to remove the thing or to restore the property immediately, the port authority may conduct the removal or restoration and may store the thing.

  • (5) If the thing removed or stored by the port authority interfered with navigation, the removal and, if applicable, the storage may be done at the expense of the person.

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  • SOR/2004-255, s. 15
  • SOR/2013-42, s. 2(F)

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