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Rules of the Supreme Court of Canada

Version of section 14 from 2019-01-15 to 2024-05-01:

  •  (1) In the case of an application for leave to appeal, an appeal referred to in paragraph 33(1)(b) or (c) or an originating motion, any party or intervener, other than an individual, shall file with the Registrar a notice of name in Form 14 to confirm its name in each of the official languages or to certify that it does not have a bilingual name.

  • (2) A party or intervener that has filed a notice of name may request that the Registrar consider the notice as permanent so that it will be applied to all other matters before the Court involving the party or intervener. Any changes that affect the notice of name shall be submitted in writing to the Registrar.

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  • SOR/2013-175, s. 4
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  • SOR/2019-1, s. 2

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