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Rules of the Supreme Court of Canada

Version of section 47 from 2017-01-01 to 2021-01-26:

  •  (1) Unless otherwise provided in these Rules, all motions shall be made before a judge or the Registrar and consist of the following documents, in the following order:

    • (a) a notice of motion in accordance with Form 47;

    • (b) any affidavit necessary to substantiate any fact that is not a matter of record in the Court;

    • (c) if considered necessary by the applicant, a memorandum of argument in accordance with paragraph 25(1)(c), with any modifications that the circumstances require;

    • (d) the documents that the applicant intends to rely on, in chronological order, in accordance with subrule 25(3); and

    • (e) except in the case of a motion for intervention, a draft of the order sought, including costs, in print and electronic format.

  • (1.1) [Repealed, SOR/2013-175, s. 30]

  • (2) Parts I to V of the memorandum of argument shall not exceed 10 pages.

  • (3) There shall be no oral argument on the motion unless a judge or the Registrar otherwise orders or directs.

  • SOR/2006-203, s. 22
  • SOR/2011-74, s. 25
  • SOR/2013-175, s. 30
  • SOR/2016-271, s. 30

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