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Rules of the Supreme Court of Canada (SOR/2002-156)

Regulations are current to 2021-10-07 and last amended on 2021-01-27. Previous Versions

  •  (1) At any time before judgment is rendered or within 30 days after the judgment, a party may make a motion to the Court for a re-hearing of an appeal.

  • (2) Notwithstanding the time referred to in subrule 54(1), the other parties may respond to the motion for a re-hearing within 15 days after service of the motion.

  • (3) Within 15 days after service of the response to the motion for a re-hearing, the applicant may reply by serving on all other parties and filing with the Registrar the original and 14 copies of the reply.

  • (4) Notwithstanding subrule 54(4), there shall be no oral argument on a motion for a re-hearing unless the Court otherwise orders.

  • (5) If the Court orders a re-hearing, the Court may make any order as to the conduct of the hearing as it considers appropriate.

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