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Rules of the Supreme Court of Canada

Version of the schedule from 2014-06-30 to 2019-01-14:

SCHEDULE A(Rule 82)Tariff of Fees To Be Paid to the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Canada

  • 1 On the filing of

    • (a) a notice of application for leave, notice of appeal if leave to appeal is not required or notice of reference blank line $75

      (The fee does not apply to a notice of application for leave to cross-appeal.)

    • (b) a notice of motion blank line $75

    • (c) a notice of taxation blank line $75

  • 2 For making photocopies or printing copies, per page,

    • (a) by Court staff blank line $1

      (There is no additional fee for ordinary mailing, faxing or otherwise electronically transmitting the photocopies.)

    • (b) by self-service blank line $0.50

  • 3 For electronic documents or copies thereof, per document blank line $10

  • 3.1 For audio and video recordings blank line $35

  • 4 For certification of a copy of a document blank line $20

  • 5 For Registrar’s certificate attesting to the state of proceedings in any matter or certifying that there are no such proceedings blank line $20

  • 6 For taking affidavits blank line $50Footnote *

  • 7 For each copy of reasons for judgment blank line $15

  • 8 For the Canada Supreme Court Reports,

Any person may be exempted from paying any of the above fees, in special cases, at the Registrar’s discretion.

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  • SOR/2014-96, s. 1
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