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Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations

Version of section 26 from 2020-03-21 to 2024-06-19:

Marginal note:Designation of ports of entry

 The Minister may, on the basis of the following factors, designate a place as a port of entry as well as the port of entry’s dates and hours of operation:

  • (a) the frequency or anticipated frequency of persons arriving from abroad in the area under consideration;

  • (b) the need for the services of the Canada Border Services Agency in that area;

  • (c) the operational requirements of commercial transporters;

  • (d) administrative arrangements with other departments or agencies of the Government of Canada;

  • (e) the operational capacity of the Canada Border Services Agency; and

  • (f) any order or regulation made by the Governor in Council under the Emergencies Act or the Quarantine Act that prohibits the entry of certain persons into Canada.

  • SOR/2017-214, s. 1
  • SOR/2020-55, s. 2

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