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Seaway Property Regulations

Version of section 5 from 2014-05-02 to 2024-04-01:

 Unless otherwise authorized under these Regulations, no person shall, by act or omission, do anything or permit anything to be done in the Seaway or on Seaway property that has or is likely to have any of the following results:

  • (a) to jeopardize the safety or health of persons in the Seaway or on Seaway property;

  • (b) to interfere with navigation in the Seaway;

  • (c) to obstruct or adversely effect any part of the Seaway or Seaway property;

  • (d) to interfere with an activity that is authorized under section 26 or 30 in the Seaway or on Seaway property;

  • (e) to divert the flow of a river or stream, cause or affect currents, cause silting or the accumulation of material or otherwise reduce the depth of the waters of the Seaway;

  • (f) to cause a nuisance;

  • (g) to cause damage to ships or other property;

  • (h) to adversely affect sediment, soil, air or water quality; or

  • (i) to adversely affect Seaway operations or Seaway property.

  • SOR/2014-102, ss. 1, 21(F)

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