On-Road Vehicle and Engine Emission Regulations

Version of section 32.1 from 2006-11-02 to 2015-07-15:

 The following definitions apply in this section and sections 32.2 to 32.7 and 37.1.

engine family

engine family means

  • (a) in respect of a company’s motorcycles that are covered by an EPA certificate, the classification unit for which the EPA certificate was issued; and

  • (b) in respect of any other of the company’s motorcycles, the classification unit determined in accordance with section 420, subpart E, of the CFR. (famille de moteurs)

family emission limit

family emission limit means the maximum emission level established by a company for an engine family for the purpose of emissions averaging. (limite d’émissions de la famille de moteurs)

fuel tank permeation emissions

fuel tank permeation emissions means evaporative emissions resulting from permeation of fuel through the fuel tank materials. (émissions par perméation du réservoir de carburant)


subfleet means motorcycles of a specific model year that have a family emission limit and that a company manufactures in Canada, or imports into Canada, for the purpose of sale to the first retail purchaser. Each of the following groupings of motorcycles constitutes a subfleet for the purpose of emissions averaging:

  • (a) in respect of the applicable HC+NOx emission standard for all Class I and Class II motorcycles;

  • (b) in respect of the applicable HC+NOx emission standard for all Class III motorcycles;

  • (c) in respect of the fuel tank permeation emission standard for all motorcycles with a non-metal fuel tank. (sous-parc)

  • SOR/2006-268, s. 9
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