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Marine Transportation Security Regulations

Version of section 200 from 2006-03-22 to 2014-06-18:

  •  (1) The following definitions apply in this Part.

    non-SOLAS ship

    non-SOLAS ship means a vessel that is not a SOLAS ship, is engaged on a voyage from a port in one country to a port in another country and

    • (a) is more than 100 tons gross tonnage, other than a towing vessel;

    • (b) carries more than 12 passengers; or

    • (c) is a towing vessel engaged in towing a barge astern or alongside or pushing ahead, if the barge is carrying certain dangerous cargoes. (navire non ressortissant à SOLAS)


    operator means, in respect of a vessel,

    • (a) the actual owner, if it is not registered, or the registered owner, if it is registered;

    • (b) a person having a beneficial interest in the vessel, including an interest arising under contract and any other equitable interest, other than an interest by way of a mortgage;

    • (c) a lessee or charterer of the vessel who is responsible for its navigation; or

    • (d) if the vessel is a barge referred to in paragraph (c) of the definition non-SOLAS ship, the master or other person who has command or charge of the vessel that is towing or pushing the barge. (exploitant)

    SOLAS ship

    SOLAS ship means a vessel that

    • (a) is 500 tons gross tonnage or more or is carrying more than 12 passengers; and

    • (b) is engaged on a voyage from a port in one country to a port in another country other than a voyage solely on the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River as far seaward as a straight line drawn from Cap des Rosiers to West Point, Anticosti Island, and from Anticosti Island to the north shore of the St. Lawrence River along the meridian of longitude sixty-three degrees west. (navire ressortissant à SOLAS)

  • (2) For the purpose of interpreting the ISPS Code, “company” shall be read to mean “operator”.

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