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Marine Transportation Security Regulations

Version of section 355 from 2006-03-22 to 2014-06-18:

 The operator of an occasional-use marine facility shall

  • (a) establish an administrative and organizational structure for security at the marine facility;

  • (b) provide every person who has responsibilities under this Part with the support needed to fulfil their responsibilities;

  • (c) designate in writing an occasional-use marine facility security officer by name or by a position other than the position for which the designation is being made;

  • (d) ensure that the implementation of the marine facility security procedures is coordinated with vessels interfacing with the marine facility;

  • (e) coordinate, with the master of a vessel and, if applicable, the port security officer, shore leave for vessel personnel or crew change, as well as access through the marine facility of visitors to vessels, including representatives of seafarers’ welfare and labour organizations; and

  • (f) provide information respecting the security of the facility to those persons who need it to comply with these Regulations.

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