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Marine Transportation Security Regulations

Version of section 503 from 2008-12-15 to 2014-06-18:

 Every person shall be a holder of a security clearance if they

  • (a) require access to a restricted area two and cannot enter the area under any of paragraphs 380(1)(b) to (f) or subsection 380(2) or (3);

  • (b) are a licensed ship’s pilot;

  • (c) are a harbour master or wharfinger appointed under subsection 69(1) of the Canada Marine Act;

  • (d) have security responsibilities, including authorized screening and security guard functions;

  • (e) take applications for security clearances and the applicants’ fingerprints and facial images, which functions are performed on behalf of the Minister and for the purposes of this Part;

  • (f) have access to a cruise ship that is interfacing with a restricted area two to provide services, supplies or equipment to the cruise ship or a member of the complement of the cruise ship;

  • (g) could cause the failure of a preventive measure, delay the response to a security incident or adversely affect the recovery from a security incident as a result of being assigned or performing any of the following duties, responsibilities or functions:

    • (i) access to security information at the marine facility or port,

    • (ii) the supervision of marine facility operations,

    • (iii) the creation, alteration, control or maintenance of cargo documentation or crew or passenger lists by a person who

      • (A) is present at the marine facility or port, or

      • (B) has advance access to the documentation or lists, or

    • (iv) the planning or directing of the movement of cargo or containers at a container terminal, including their loading and unloading into and from vessels; or

  • (h) are a seafarer who has submitted an application for a Seafarer’s Identification Document.

  • SOR/2006-269, s. 22
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