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Pest Control Products Regulations

Version of section 39 from 2014-08-26 to 2023-01-25:

Marginal note:Issuance

  •  (1) If the Minister determines that a foreign product is equivalent to a registered pest control product, the Minister must issue a certificate of equivalency and place it in the Register.

  • Marginal note:Validity

    (2) A certificate of equivalency is valid until December 31 in the second year after the year in which it is issued and may be reissued with respect to the same two products in accordance with the requirements of section 38. A certificate of equivalency ceases to be valid in any of the following circumstances:

    • (a) the basis on which the foreign product and the registered pest control product were determined to be equivalent no longer applies;

    • (b) any of the requirements set out in subsection 38(2) or (3) are no longer met;

    • (c) the registration of the registered pest control product is cancelled or expires and the sale and use of that product is no longer authorized under the Act; or

    • (d) the foreign product is no longer registered in the country referred to in paragraph 38(2)(b).

  • SOR/2014-24, s. 17
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