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Veterans Well-being Regulations

Version of section 14 from 2006-03-23 to 2009-07-29:

  •  (1) For the purposes of section 17 of the Act, the Minister may cancel a person’s rehabilitation plan or vocational assistance plan if

    • (a) the person does not participate to the extent required to meet the goals of the plan;

    • (b) the person’s eligibility for the plan or the development of the plan was based on a misrepresentation or the concealment of a material fact; or

    • (c) the person, at least 6 months after the effective date of a suspension, continues to fail to comply with a request made under subsection 12(1).

  • (2) On cancelling a rehabilitation plan or vocational assistance plan, the Minister shall provide the person with written notification of the reasons for the cancellation, the effective date of the cancellation and their rights of review.

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