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Cargo, Fumigation and Tackle Regulations

Version of section 100 from 2007-07-01 to 2021-06-22:

  •  (1) The following definitions apply in this Part.

    BLU Code

    BLU Code means the Code of Practice for the Safe Loading and Unloading of Bulk Carriers, published by the IMO. (Recueil BLU)

    bulk cargo

    bulk cargo means any cargo that is generally uniform in composition and is loaded directly into the cargo space of a vessel without any intermediate form of containment. (cargaison en vrac)



    • (a) in respect of a Canadian vessel, means its authorized representative; and

    • (b) in respect of a foreign vessel, has the meaning assigned by regulation 1 of Chapter IX of SOLAS. (compagnie)

    CSS Code

    CSS Code means the Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing, published by the IMO. (Recueil CSS)

    dangerous goods

    dangerous goods, except in Division 2, means the substances, materials and articles covered by the IMDG Code. (marchandises dangereuses)

    IMDG Code

    IMDG Code means the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, published by the IMO. (Code IMDG)

    inland voyage

    inland voyage means a voyage on the inland waters of Canada together with any part of any lake or river forming part of the inland waters of Canada that lies within the United States or on Lake Michigan. (voyage en eaux internes)

    inland waters of Canada

    inland waters of Canada means all the rivers, lakes and other navigable fresh waters within Canada, and includes the St. Lawrence River as far seaward as a straight line drawn

    • (a) from Cap-des-Rosiers to West Point, Anticosti Island; and

    • (b) from Anticosti Island to the north shore of the St. Lawrence River along a meridian of longitude 63o W. (eaux internes du Canada)

    International Grain Code

    International Grain Code means the International Code for the Safe Carriage of Grain in Bulk, published by the IMO. (Recueil international de règles sur les grains)

    near coastal voyage, Class 2

    near coastal voyage, Class 2 has the same meaning as in section 1 of the Vessel Certificates Regulations. (voyage à proximité du littoral, classe 2)

    packaged goods

    packaged goods means dangerous goods in a form of containment specified in the IMDG Code for those goods. (marchandises emballées)

    sheltered waters voyage

    sheltered waters voyage has the same meaning as in section 1 of the Vessel Certificates Regulations. (voyage en eaux abritées)

  • (2) For the purpose of this Part, a vessel is constructed on the earliest of

    • (a) the day on which its keel is laid,

    • (b) the day on which construction identifiable with a specific vessel begins, and

    • (c) the day on which assembly of the vessel reaches the lesser of 50 tonnes and 1% of the estimated mass of all structural material.

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