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Division of Judges’ Annuity Benefits Regulations

Version of section 24 from 2008-10-01 to 2019-04-14:

Marginal note:Value of annuity — transfer to retirement savings plan

 For the purpose of the description of D in subsection 52.15(2) of the Act, the portion of the annuity that is attributed to the period subject to division is the amount determined by the formula

A × B/C


is the amount of the annuity that would have been granted to the judge if he or she had ceased to hold office on the last day of the period subject to division and had been eligible to be granted an annuity on that day under sections 42 or 43.1 of the Act;
is the period subject to division; and
is the judge’s period of service as a judge, rounded to the nearest one tenth of a year, beginning on the effective date of his or her first appointment under the Act and ending
  • (a) on the day after the last day of the period subject to division, or

  • (b) if he or she ceased to hold office by reason of the infirmity referred to in paragraph 42(1)(c) of the Act, on the earlier of the day after the last day of the period during which the interested parties cohabited and the day that would have been his or her expected date of retirement had the infirmity not occurred.

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