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Maritime Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

Version of section 197 from 2010-06-03 to 2019-06-24:

  •  (1) If ventilation equipment is used to maintain the concentration of an airborne hazardous substance below or at the value or percentage referred to in section 195 or the percentage of oxygen in the air of a confined space within the limits referred to in section 196, the employer is prohibited from granting any person access to the working area, unless

    • (a) the ventilation equipment is

      • (i) equipped with an alarm that will, if the equipment fails, be activated automatically and be audible or visible to any person in the working area, or

      • (ii) monitored by an employee who is in constant attendance at the equipment; and

    • (b) in the event of a failure of the ventilation equipment, sufficient time will be available for a person to escape from the working area before one of the following occurs:

      • (i) that person’s exposure to or the concentration of a hazardous substance in the working area is more than the value or percentage prescribed in section 195, or

      • (ii) the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere ceases to meet the requirements of section 196.

  • (2) The employee referred to in subparagraph (1)(a)(ii) must activate an alarm in the event of faulty operation of the ventilation equipment.

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