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Small Vessel Regulations

Version of section 213 from 2018-05-16 to 2022-07-13:

  •  (1) No visual signals are required to be carried on board a pleasure craft that is not more than 6 m in length and is not fitted with an engine.

  • (2) Pyrotechnic distress signals are not required to be carried on board a pleasure craft that

    • (a) is operating on a river, canal or lake in which it can at no time be more than one nautical mile from shore; or

    • (b) has no sleeping arrangements and is engaged in an official competition or in final preparation for an official competition.

  • (3) For a pleasure craft more than 6 m in length, the number of pyrotechnic distress signals referred to in subitems 2(b) and 3(b) of the table to section 205 and in item 2 of the table to section 210 may be reduced up to a maximum of 50%, provided the number of smoke signals does not exceed 50% of the permitted number of smoke signals in those tables, if the pleasure craft is equipped with

    • (a) a means of two-way radio communication;

    • (b) a 406 MHz personal locator beacon that is the subject of a technical acceptance certificate issued under subparagraph 5(1)(a)(iv) of the Radiocommunication Act, worn by the pleasure craft operator; or

    • (c) a 406 MHz emergency position-indicating radio beacon.

  • SOR/2018-102, s. 4
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