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Special Economic Measures (Syria) Regulations

Version of section 3.2 from 2012-01-25 to 2012-03-04:

 The prohibitions set out in sections 3 and 3.1 do not apply in respect of

  • (a) any activity engaged in under an agreement or arrangement between Canada and Syria;

  • (b) any payment made by or on behalf of a designated person that is due under a contract entered into before the person became a designated person, provided that the payment is not made to or for the benefit of a designated person;

  • (c) any goods made available, or services provided, to or by any of the following entities for the purpose of safeguarding human life, disaster relief, democratization, stabilization or providing food, medicine or medical supplies or equipment:

    • (i) an international organization with diplomatic status,

    • (ii) a United Nations agency,

    • (iii) the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, or

    • (iv) a non-governmental organization that has entered into a grant or contribution agreement with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade or the Canadian International Development Agency;

  • (d) the importation, purchase, acquisition, carrying or shipping of petroleum or petroleum products that were exported, supplied or shipped from Syria before October 5, 2011;

  • (e) any goods from the Embassy of Canada in Syria destined for Canada or any goods from Syria destined for the Embassy of Syria in Canada;

  • (f) personal or settlers’ effects that are taken or shipped by an individual leaving Syria and that are solely for the use of the individual or the individual’s immediate family;

  • (g) personal correspondence, including lettermail, printed papers and postcards, of a weight not exceeding 250 g per item of correspondence;

  • (h) pension payments to any person in Canada or any Canadian abroad;

  • (i) any transaction in respect of the accounts at a Canadian financial institution that are used for the regular business of the Embassy of Syria or its consular missions in Canada;

  • (j) any transaction in respect of the accounts at a Syrian financial institution that are used for the regular business of the Embassy of Canada or its consular missions in Syria; and

  • (k) any transactions necessary for a Canadian to transfer any existing accounts, funds or investments of a Canadian held with a designated person to a non-designated person.

  • SOR/2011-220, s. 2
  • SOR/2011-330, s. 2
  • SOR/2012-6, s. 1

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