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Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Regulations

Version of section 94 from 2011-10-06 to 2011-10-16:

The following provision is not in force.
  •  (1) The fee in respect of the receipt, acceptance, examination, issuance or copying of any document or in respect of any action that the Director is required or authorized to take under the Act set out in column 1 of the schedule is the applicable fee set out in column 2.

  • (2) No fee is payable for the receipt by the Director of an application for the issuance by the Director of

    • (a) a certificate of amendment issued under section 201 of the Act, if the only purpose of the amendment is to add an English or a French version to a corporation’s name, or to change its name as directed by the Director under subsection 13(2) or (3) or 296(6) of the Act; or

    • (b) a corrected certificate issued under subsection 288(6) of the Act when the correction is required solely as the result of an error made by the Director.

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