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Passport and Other Travel Document Services Fees Regulations

Version of section 11 from 2013-07-01 to 2014-12-11:

Marginal note:Remission

  •  (1) Subject to subsection (2), a fee paid by a person for a service set out in paragraph 7(a) or (b) or item 8 of the schedule is to be remitted by Passport Canada to the person if the reason for travelling is the serious illness of the person or another individual, or the death of the other individual.

  • Marginal note:Other conditions

    (2) The remission is to be given if the person

    • (a) makes a written request to Passport Canada for the remission within 180 days after the service is performed;

    • (b) provides a written statement to Passport Canada to the effect that

      • (i) the reason for the trip is their own serious illness or the serious illness or death of another individual, and

      • (ii) if the reason for the trip is the serious illness or death of another individual, the person has or has had a relationship with that individual; and

    • (c) provides an official document to Passport Canada from an appropriate authority attesting to the serious illness or death.

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