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Explosives Regulations, 2013

Version of section 375 from 2023-06-03 to 2024-05-28:

Marginal note:Acquisition

  •  (1) A user who holds neither a fireworks operator certificate nor a licence may acquire, store and use percussion caps and propellant powder, if the caps and powder are acquired for use in original or reproduction firearms in an historical re-enactment.

  • Marginal note:Requirements for use

    (2) A user who acquires percussion caps and propellant powder for an historical re-enactment

    • (a) must have the written approval of the local authority to hold the re-enactment or must be under the supervision of a person who has that approval; and

    • (b) must have experience in the safe use of explosives in historical re-enactments, have completed a course on this use certified by the Minister or be under the supervision of a person who has that experience or has completed such a course.

  • SOR/2016-75, s. 38
  • SOR/2022-121, s. 4

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