Export of Substances on the Export Control List Regulations

Version of section 11 from 2013-05-02 to 2017-02-02:

Marginal note:Permit application

  •  (1) The application for an export permit must be submitted to the Minister before the export takes place.

  • Marginal note:Content of application

    (2) The application must include the information listed in Schedule 2 and be accompanied by

    • (a) a written undertaking dated and signed by the exporter, or by their duly authorized representative, stating that the exporter assumes responsibility for the removal of the substance from the country of destination and any related costs, including the transportation, care, control and storage of the substance, in the event that the exporter exports the substance in contravention of any conditions set out in the export permit or if the export takes place after the export permit has expired or been cancelled;

    • (b) in the case referred to in subparagraph 12(1)(c)(iii), documentation confirming that the substance has been used in or imported into the country of destination in the last 10 years; and

    • (c) in the case referred to in subparagraph 12(1)(c)(iv), the written consent of the designated national authority of the country of destination to the import of the substance.

  • Marginal note:Certification

    (3) The application must be accompanied by a certification dated and signed by the exporter, or by their duly authorized representative, stating that the information provided in the application is accurate and complete.

  • Marginal note:Electronic or paper submission

    (4) The application, the documents referred to in paragraphs (2)(a) to (c) and the certification may be submitted either in writing or in an electronic format that is compatible with the one that is used by the Minister.

  • Marginal note:Signature

    (5) The application, the written undertaking referred to in paragraph (2)(a) and the certification must bear the signature of the exporter or their duly authorized representative.

  • Marginal note:Combined notice and permit application

    (6) If the notice of proposed export and the application for an export permit in relation to a particular substance are provided to the Minister at the same time, the exporter does not need to provide the information referred to in items 1, 2 and 4 to 8 of Schedule 2 if that information is provided in the notice.

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