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Transportation Safety Board Regulations

Version of section 11 from 2014-02-28 to 2018-11-22:

Marginal note:Activities of observers

  •  (1) When the Board is conducting an investigation of a transportation occurrence, the Board may authorize an observer referred to in subsection 23(2) of the Act to undertake any or all of the following activities, under the supervision of an investigator:

    • (a) attending at the location of the occurrence;

    • (b) examining the means of transportation involved in the occurrence and its component parts and contents;

    • (c) examining the information relating to

      • (i) the transportation activity during which the occurrence took place,

      • (ii) the means of transportation and its component parts and contents, and

      • (iii) any person who is directly involved in the occurrence; and

    • (d) attending the laboratory tests or analyses.

  • Marginal note:Confidentiality

    (2) An observer must not knowingly communicate or use, or knowingly permit to be communicated or used, any information that the observer has obtained during the investigation without the express authorization of the Board.

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