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Canadian Energy Regulator Pipeline Damage Prevention Regulations – Authorizations

Version of section 6 from 2020-03-16 to 2023-01-25:

Marginal note:Pipeline company

 For the purposes of subsection 335(1) and paragraph 335(2)(a) of the Act and despite sections 7 and 9 to 13 of these Regulations, the construction of a facility — in an area other than an offshore area — across, on, along or under a pipeline, an activity — in an area other than an offshore area — that would cause a ground disturbance within a prescribed area and the operation of a vehicle or mobile equipment across a pipeline is authorized if the pipeline company that intends to carry out the construction, activity or operation

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  • SOR/2019-349, s. 9
  • SOR/2019-349, s. 10
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