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Energy Efficiency Regulations, 2016

Version of section 108 from 2019-04-30 to 2019-12-11:

Marginal note:Definitions

 The following definitions apply in this Subdivision.


CEER means the combined energy efficiency ratio of the product, expressed in British thermal units per watt hour, that constitutes a single measure of its energy efficiency and that integrates standby mode and off mode energy use with on mode energy use. (CEER)

CSA C368.1

CSA C368.1 means the CSA standard CAN/CSA-C368.1-M90 entitled Performance Standard for Room Air Conditioners. (CSA C368.1)

CSA C368.1-14

CSA C368.1-14 means the CSA standard CAN/CSA-C368.1-14 entitled Energy performance of room air conditioners. (CSA C368.1-14)

CSA C370

CSA C370 means the CSA standard CAN/CSA-C370-09 entitled Cooling Performance of Portable Air Conditioners. (CSA C370)

CSA C62301

CSA C62301 means the CSA standard CAN/CSA-C62301:11 entitled Household Electrical Appliances – Measurement of Standby Power. (CSA C62301)

off mode

off mode[Repealed, SOR/2018-201, s. 18]

on mode

on mode[Repealed, SOR/2018-201, s. 18]

portable air conditioner

portable air conditioner means a single package air conditioner, with or without mounted wheels, that is portable and that

  • (a) is represented by the configurations shown in Table 1 of CSA C370; and

  • (b) has a cooling capacity of less than 19 kW (65,000 Btu/h). (climatiseur portatif)

room air conditioner

room air conditioner means a single-phase electric air conditioner that has a cooling capacity of 10.55 kW (36,000 Btu/h) or less. It does not include a packaged terminal air conditioner, a portable air conditioner or a single package vertical air conditioner. (climatiseur individuel)

standby mode

standby mode[Repealed, SOR/2018-201, s. 18]

  • SOR/2018-201, s. 18
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