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Safe Food for Canadians Regulations

Version of section 139 from 2019-01-15 to 2022-06-20:

Marginal note:Ante-mortem inspection

  •  (1) Within 24 hours before the slaughter of a food animal other than a game animal and in accordance with the document entitled Ante-mortem Examination and Presentation Procedures for Food Animals, prepared by the Agency and published on its website, as amended from time to time, a licence holder must, for the purpose of an ante-mortem inspection, present the food animal or a sample from the shipment that the food animal is part of and, in the case an equine or a bird other than an ostrich, a rhea or an emu, the documents referred to in subsection 165(1) to a veterinary inspector or to an inspector under the supervision of a veterinary inspector.

  • Marginal note:Deviations

    (2) If an inspector who is not a veterinary inspector suspects that the food animal shows a deviation from normal behaviour, physiology or appearance, the licence holder must hold it for an inspection by a veterinary inspector.

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