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Safe Food for Canadians Regulations

Version of section 268 from 2019-01-15 to 2022-06-20:

Marginal note:Prepackaged fresh fruits or vegetables

  •  (1) The label of prepackaged fresh fruits or vegetables must bear

    • (a) in the case of apples, the name of the variety; and

    • (b) in all cases, a declaration of net quantity.

  • Marginal note:Prepackaged apples placed in second container

    (2) If prepackaged fresh apples that are labelled in accordance with this Part are placed inside of a second container and the resulting product is prepackaged fresh apples, other than consumer prepackaged fresh apples, the second container is not required to be labelled with the name of the variety.

  • Marginal note:Definition of apple

    (3) In paragraph (1)(a) and subsection (2), apple means a fresh apple for which a grade is prescribed by these Regulations.

  • Marginal note:Declaration of net quantity

    (4) Unless the declaration of net quantity is shown by numerical count, it must be shown in metric units or Canadian units, or both, in which case the units must be grouped together.

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