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Safe Food for Canadians Regulations

Version of the schedule from 2019-01-15 to 2022-06-20:

SCHEDULE 8(Subsection 288(1))Word or Expression on Label of Edible Meat Product

Column 1Column 2
ItemWord or ExpressionRequirements

“Baked” or “cuit au four”

“Oven Roasted” or “rôti au four”

Subjected to dry heat without direct contact with a flame for a time sufficient to produce the characteristics of a baked or roasted meat product, such as a brown crust on the surface, rendering of surface fat or caramelization of sugar. The meat product must be ready-to-eat.

“Barbecued” or “rôti B.B.Q.”

Cooked with seasoning. The meat product must be ready-to-eat.

“Basted” or “arrosé” or “imprégné”

“Deep Basted” or “arrosé en profondeur” or “imprégné en profondeur”

“Pre-basted” or “préarrosé” or “préimprégné”

“Self-basting” or “auto-arrosé” or “auto-imprégné”

Injected with meat broth that contains at least 15% solid matter, no more than 3% of which is composed of the following ingredients or any combination of them:

(a) edible fats or oils of vegetable origin; and

(b) butter.


“Breaded” or “pané”

Coated with a combination of batter and bread or cracker crumbs.

“Cooked” or “cuit”

“Fully Cooked” or “cuit à fond”

Subjected to heat for a time sufficient to produce the characteristics of a cooked meat product in respect of friability, colour, texture and flavour. The meat product must be ready-to-eat.

“Corned” or “traité”

Cured by adding salt, together with at least 100 ppm of sodium nitrite, potassium nitrite, sodium nitrate or potassium nitrate, or any combination of them, to the meat product.

“Dried” or “séché”

“Dry” or “sec”

“Semi-dry” or “semi-sec”

Dehydrated. The meat product must be ready-to-eat.

“Freeze-dried” or “séché à froid”

Dehydrated by freeze-drying.

“Jellied” or “en gelée

Has a gelling agent, as defined in subsection B.01.001(1) of the Food and Drug Regulations, added in an amount exceeding 0.25% of the meat product.

“Rolled” or “roulé”

Boned, rolled and tied.

“Semi-boneless” or “semi-désossé

At least 45% deboned.

“Shankless” or “sans jarret”

In the case of a foreleg, has the forelimb removed at the elbow joint; in the case of a hind leg, has the hind limb removed at the knee joint.

“Smoked” or “fumé”

Smoked in accordance with the Food and Drug Regulations.

“Stuffed” or “farci”

“Stuffed with” or “farci de”

Stuffed with an edible meat product that has been cooked or dehydrated or stuffed with an edible meat product to which has been added any substance other than any edible meat product, or stuffed with one or more of the following ingredients: bread, grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables or similar ingredients. The edible meat product may contain seasoning and animal or vegetable fat.

“With Giblets” or “avec abats” or “avec abattis”

Contains a liver, heart or gizzard or any combination of them from a food animal of the same species.

“With Natural Juices” or “avec jus de cuisson”

Packaged in a package that contains the juices that result from the cooking of the edible meat product.

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