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Tobacco Products Appearance, Packaging and Labelling Regulations

Version of section 25 from 2019-11-09 to 2023-07-31:

Marginal note:Overwrap — more than one primary package

 If an overwrap covers more than one primary package, the following information and features may be displayed on it:

  • (a) calibration marks that meet the requirements of section 19;

  • (b) a bar code, if it is displayed only once on the overwrap, meets the requirements of subsection 16(1) and paragraph 16(2)(a) and is printed directly on the overwrap or on a label that meets the requirements of section 11 and subsections 13(1) and 14(1);

  • (c) a solid black rectangle to cover the bar code on each primary package;

  • (d) the declaration of net quantity and the common name of the tobacco product, printed in white on a black rectangle, if they are oriented parallel to and in the same direction as any information that is displayed on the surface that the overwrap covers; and

  • (e) a health warning and any other information that is required or authorized by or under the Act, any other Act of Parliament or any Act of the legislature of a province.

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