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Patent Rules

Version of section 207 from 2019-10-30 to 2022-10-02:

Marginal note:Application of certain provisions of former Rules to patents granted on basis of category 3 application

  •  (1) Subsection 3(8) and sections 100 and 101 of the former Rules and item 31 of Schedule II to those Rules continue to apply in respect of the applicable fee payable to maintain the rights accorded by a patent granted on the basis of a category 3 application, if the time — not including the period of grace — referred to in that item for the payment of that fee ends before the coming-into-force date.

  • Marginal note:Extension of time

    (2) The Commissioner is authorized to extend the time for payment of the fee referred to in subsection 3(8) of the former Rules in respect of a patent issued on the basis of a category 3 application — whether the time, including a period of grace, has expired or not — the Commissioner considers that the circumstances justify the extension and if the conditions referred to in subsection 3(3) of these Rules are met.

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