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Wood Buffalo National Park Game Regulations

Version of section 50 from 2018-11-23 to 2023-11-14:

  •  (1) The superintendent is authorized to issue a trapper’s cabin permit to any person named in a certificate of registration.

  • (2) An application for a trapper’s cabin permit shall

    • (a) be made on a form supplied by the superintendent; and

    • (b) contain the information required by the form and any additional information requested by the superintendent.

  • (3) No person shall erect or alter any building, cabin or structure in the Park unless he does so under and in accordance with a trapper’s cabin permit.

  • (4) The superintendent may refuse to issue a trapper’s cabin permit if the proposed trapper’s cabin is not compatible in design or size with the proposed location.

  • (5) Where a person’s name has been removed from a certificate of registration, he shall, if notified by the superintendent, sell, remove or otherwise dispose of any building, cabin or structure or improvements thereto that he owns and that is located on the trapping area to which the certificate applies within one year of being notified to do so by the superintendent.

  • (6) Where an owner does not sell, remove or otherwise dispose of property as required pursuant to subsection (5), the superintendent may dispose of the property and any costs incurred shall be paid by the owner.

  • (7) The owner or occupant of a building, cabin or structure for which a trapper’s cabin permit has been issued shall maintain the immediate area of the building, cabin or structure in a condition satisfactory to the superintendent.

  • SOR/91-420, s. 8
  • SOR/2018-250, s. 13

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